Installing EAW

Video Cards and GlideWrapper
Installing EAW in Windows 2000
WinXP Guide
Installing EAW in Windows XP (Huntress)
Installing EAW in Windows XP (Wuddy)
Installing EAW in Windows XP (Dumo)
Making a Dual-Boot System
Eaw Hardware Guide
Essential links for graphics
Graphic card settings (for dummies)
nVidia driver version - card compatability list

Guide to EAW 'Games' and Add-Ons

Easy or hard campaign install directory
Basic procedures and suggestions
Ways to Get the Best Out of EAW

EAW Manual:

replacement Eaw release .pdf manual:

replacement quick reference key card:

Setting up EAW

7217 Error-a fix
taking and posting screenshots
crashes to desktop-CTD
fix for bad briefing screen and garbled screen colors
Fix for bad briefing screen ..etc..under Win98 and Nvidia chipset
Joystick Settings by Knegel
Views Management 1 by Knegel
Views Management 2 by Knegel
Changing Screen Resolutions
How to see the Parachuting Pilot
Spin and Stall Recovery Tutorial
Win2K and XP Keysetting cure
TRACKIR settings

EAW in a VMWare Virtual Machine



OAW Explained by Knegel
Jelly's OAW Essentials
OAW revisited
OAW Runtime Error 53 fix--Read Only files
Jelly's Formation Editor
Using OAW--A Case Study of Installing Flight Files
Make a magic number in oaw.

Adding an element in OAW

Install properly OAWunified
Error 58
What do and not do with OAWunified

Skinning and 3DZs

Making a new HR model
Using PSP Layers for Skinning Part 1
Using PSP Layers for Skinning Part 2

Using PSP Layers for Skinning Part 3

Adding Skin Markings by Mosi
109 Skinning Tutorial by Mosi

HR Skinning with Photoshop


EAW planes at glance
Crashin Jack cockpits orientation guide
Make videos in the game EAW
Tutorial for make main screens and edit palette
Me 262 flight notes
The OzZiggy flying guide
Flying the P47
Using Mr. Jelly's Loadout Editor

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