Sydbod EAW 1.26e patch (superceed the original EAW 1.2 patch)

Final OAWunified (Version 1.01 46.2 MB)
English and US interface:
French interface:
German interface:
This download contains - 'JelsOAWSelectors', which has all of his OAW Selector EXE files to date. Use at your own risk. Created by Jelly (File size 5.5 Meg).
This download contains - 'JelsVB6Runtimes', which installs the runtime files needed for all of the applications he writes in VB6, including the OAWSelector, the new filemanager and the various editors he has produced. Anyone running any version of OAW would not need them. Created by Jelly.

CROA (Tool for remove automatically the read only attribute of folders and files) 422 KO

Latency tool
This small program will in many cases improve your frame rate (any card..any port)

Swap slot tool

Swap all the files from a plane..from a slot to a other (a Moggy tool)

Tiny Firewall 2.014 (free)
A nice firewall very effective..easy to set up for play online....
FRAPS (Capture video in games)
WIN98 version (Sound will not be recorded)
WIN XP version (possibility to record sound)

Fraps 2.1.0
Fraps 2.7.0
Fraps 2.8.1
Fraps 2.9.2 (also Vista compatible)

One of the best compressor tool: HUARC GUI V2.0 (freeware)

This compressor ..have a compress rate 50% superior of Winzip !!!!

When you made a SFX file(autoexecutable compressed file)..the recipient have no need to have the proggy installed on his hard disk!!!