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----------- posted by RAF_Roy-------------------------------------------------------------
EAW 1.28C is the latest patch as of this writing november, 2009

from the release thread:

The upgrade package will upgrade any version of the EAW install to 1.28C
The download will be just under 54MB.
Here's the ReadMe

Watch this space for the download link

Jel _
Now you can fly online or off with dozens more choices than EAW 1.2 based exes can provide!

Get your 1.28C here:

----------- posted by RAF_Roy-------------------------------------------------------------
EAW patch 1.28b is the latest patch as of this writing july 5,2009
Before using the 1.28b patch you must have the 1.28a patch installed!

You can get the upgrade from MrJelly's webhost here:
Notes by MrJelly;
"This small (971 KB) package "128Ato128B.exe" is a self extracting zipfile which upgrades 1.28a to 1.28b.
The "eaw.exe" is OAW128 ready in the "E 1.28b release" folder inside the "OAW128" folder.
If you are not using OAW128 then copy the "eaw.exe" into your EAW folder.

Two CDF files (FLT and DATA) have been repaced with improved versions.

There is a third and new CDF which this exe needs named "CDF.CDF".
This one contains the default "CDF.set" file which this exe reads for the CDF names to use.

It will use a "CDF.set" file in the EAW directory in preference if one is present.
This enables modders to release complete packs in custom made CDF files, with an accompanying "CDF.set" file.

To upgrade you first need to upgrade to 1.28a- check the 1.28a release post if you need to do this.
Then run this extractor "128Ato128B.exe" in your 1.28a directory."

There are 2 versions of the 1.28a upgrade available
use only the version related to the existing EAW version you have
Clean 1.2 to 1.28a is for those users that currently have EAW 1.2 installed
1.28 to 1.28a is for those that have already 1.28 installed
Upgrade to EAW 1.28a here:

Clean 1.2 to 1.28a
This is a large download

1.28 to 1.28a
This is a smaller download
Please note the original 1.28a upgrade files were also hosted on MrJelly's website,
but now the SimHQ has hosted the files and to avoid mixups use the links above

------------------------ end RAF_Roy 1.28b patch post-------------------

Submitted by RAF_Dumoulin and Wudpecker
EAW patch 1.28
June, 2008, by the SEAWC code group. Improved AI operation, bomber escort defense, gun convergence for focussed wing fire, gun flashes, bullet smoke trails, aircraft damage and debris, new cockpit rear views, new runway views and dust, authentic engine sounds, seaplane take-off and landings, less bail-out parachute spin, added interdiction missions and ship/land convoys, crashed aircraft views, bomb craters and explosion dust, Error 7217 fix for some video cards, no CD needed for gameplay standard, can rename Windows XP eaw.exe's (not for online use), and other changes. For more info, go to :

Sydbod 1.26e patch

Old Exe's and Key Files repository at Sandbagger's TALLY-HO

ERROR 7217

This file provides the a fix for running EAW after error 7217. For a new user who is not 'PC technically minded' or who does not feel ready to work with Online Air Wars (OAW).
Created by Jelly - Sydbod.
(File size 688 KB).

This file provides a fix for running EAW after error 7217. For a user who is 'PC technically minded' or who does run Online Air Wars (OAW).
Created by Jelly.
(File size 8.4 Meg).