Easy-to-Use EAW file manager

From Mr Jelly
Submitted by RAF_Dumoulin

The file manager is available there:

The organisation of your folders


Tutorial for use the file manager

The opening screen


Clicking "Set the Flight Model" has displayed what is available.
"Empty" is exactly that, and by selecting it you would be using default EAW.
"NoNames" is a version of "F1(EAWrp2.6)V10" containing folders re-named with user friendly names.


I had clicked "NoNames" and selected it. The "NoNames" underneath the "Set the Flight Model" indicated that "NoNames" has been selected. At this point I clicked "Make Aircraft Settings".


Here you can see the "Region" folders listed at the left, and the "Show Plane Table" label at the top right. I clicked "UK Euro".


All the skinfolders inside the "UK Euro" folder are listed for selection.
I clicked "Spitfire IX (Desert)".


A picture is avalable and displayed. There are three labels at the top which should be self explanatory. I decided to check the details of this skin:


The details are displayed, and I can click the same button to hide them.


I had selected this skin, and I could have selected others in the same way.
For the purpose of this tutorial I had made this the only selection, so I clicked "Show Plane Table". You can see that three details for this skin have been entered in its automatically assigned slot (SP09).
Note also that the two checkboxes are empty, and that there is a list of available flight models at the right.
It is time to select a flight model so I fist clicked on the SP09 row to identify where the remaining data needs to go. This is critical, as there are actually 30 rows (one for each slot), but any "empty" ones are set to zero height.


Here I have clicked on the "SpIXc61" and the remaining cells have been filled in this row.


I clicked "Show Selections" (which acts as a toggle) and all 30 rows are now visible. Clicking it again takes it back.


Note that "Show Selections" now reads "Show All"


I clicked the "Edit Mode" checkbox, and now a list of slots has appeared.
Clicking "TEMP" has changed the PlDat slot from 11 to 14. Clicking in the "Side" cell cycles through the choices, as does "Flyable", "Role" and "Fuel %".
This plane is now an allied fighter bomber with a 75% fuel load. Its skin is still Sp09 (as it must be) but its planes.dat slot is now the Tempet slot.


I hit the "Save" button. We can see what has been saved already, enter a new name and save this set-up.


By these steps we have learned how to select skins, and then add a flight model.In the next section we will do this in reverse.

"Edit Mode" is unchecked, so the flight model list has reappeared. I have cleared the "Sp09" row, so I am stating from scratch again, with "NoNames" set as the current flight model.
Now "Find a skin" is checked. I have clicked the BeauF_VIC flight model..


A search has been done for any skinfolder with "BeauF_VIC" in its name.If none are found then the name is reduced to "BeauF_VI", and then to "BeauF_V" and so on until a match is found. Matching characters reads "5" but this is trivial bug and it is actually 4. Six skins have been found which all contain "Beau".
I have selected the MK1 NF for viewing, and clicking its picture will select it for the Planetable.
At this stage I should point out that close compatability between the names of the skinfolders and the FM folders makes this an easy task.Occasional strange matches appear (for example the P51D Big beautiful Doll). The onus is on the user to name the folders appropriately. Hyphens and spaces can be a problem FW190A and FW-190A only match on two characters (FW).


As you can see here the Beaufighter is loaded into its appropriate slot, and the next plane and skin could be found.


This has now covered skin and fm selection.The next section covers game files, which are selected by a similar method.

"Make Game Settings" has been selected,and all the folder types are listed on the left, with "Show Game Table" on the right.


I had selected "Trees". I happen have them in some OAW "i" folders but they do not need to be named this way.There are five possible choices,


"iFAWWinter" has been selected for viewing, and can be loaded in the same way as a plane skin earlier.


I have clicked "Show Game Table", and then the "Save" button. The set-up could be saved at this point.


At this stage nothing has been loaded. Items have been selected, and can be loaded by clicking the "Process" buttons in the Game and Plane tables. In the final section I will load and run two saved set-ups

I have clicked "Clean UP" (effectively the OAW reset-all), and the "Load saved Setups" button. I have already made my selections which appear as white text below. Clicking on this white text will "de-select" something selected in error.
If the "View" checkboxes are checked then the Plane and Game tables will be set up, but the files will not ne loaded. As they are not checked, the files will be loaded into the EAW directory.
You can use this one utility to load a planeset, or a gameset, or both as I have done here.


Clicking "Whats Loaded" does exactly that. You can see the plane table, and the game table behind it.


Clicking on any of these panels brings it to the front. Now I can read the Game table.
Also you can click and drag a panel to a new screen position.


I clicked "Delete "Default.msn" files....." and then "Fly". This launched EAW and here we are on the runway in our Corsairs.


..and this Betty is about to explode!


Mr Jelly.