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EAW Patch 1.28 (Released 24/06/2008)

Made available by members of the Society of European Air War Contributers (SEAWC)

What's in the new patch?

Aircraft:Flight models and guns ...

New take-off, landing, and parking routines, Four engined bombers are flyable from groundstarts · Improved fully ungarbled cockpits including better rearview graphics · Combat flaps for most fighters, New engine temperature handling, Improved, more aggressive AI behaviour, and Escorts that really escort! · Updated Flight / Damage modelling using improved gun damage routines, Damaged flight controls (with explosions) will increase drag · Fixed load-outs, Night fighters can have a form of radar, "Bomber stream" night formations · Gun convergence at historical ranges, Gunsight reticule size adjustable, Falling debris from cannon hits, Destroyable tailgunners · New individual sounds for each aircraft.

screenally128.jpg screenaxis128.jpg

sola128.jpg solb128.jpg

smokea128.jpg smokeb128.jpg

Ground and other Objects .... ·

Up to 255 ground objects with allied and axis vehicles and trains · Moving ship convoys, Wrecks for crashed plane, Baled pilots become 3D Parachutists with corrected decent rate · Improved AAA, be careful around enemy airfields! More people on the ground and birds in the air · Ground object damagemodel updated and ground vehicles (train, trucks etc) realistically resized .

Gameplay ...

Option for two aircraft selection screens, Axis and Allied, Any flyable plane except for the V1 is listed for selection in single missions · Interdiction missions allow selection of convoy type and size, Fighter sweeps allowed over friendly territory, Alternative Quickstart missions available · Accelerated time close to the enemy, Adjusted altitude bands for missions, · "Players Skill" setting now limits viewing options and icon range, "Realistic Gunnery" more realistic · F9 view available almost down to ground level, Extended field of view in 1024 x 768 mode, Frames Per Second can now appear on screen.

Graphics ....

Dust on the runways, New explosions, dustclouds and craters, Bullet smoke trails, Muzzle flashes visible from inside and outside the cockpit · Glaring sun including nicer sunsets, great for hiding planes in no icons games! Improved contrails with adjusted appearance altitude · Correct pre-decimal currency in UK/US leave passes, Giant shadows bug that appeared at low levels is fixed.

Multiplayer ....

The host can set the target, friendly and enemy bases, types of AI planes, whether you respawn after dying, whether your squad includes AI plane, and more · The "Difficulty" setting limits ingame viewing options and icon range · Interdiction types and sizes can be set, as in single mission mode · Multiplayer settings can be created in a text file and loaded by the host .


For Modders ...

External TMod tables can be made and saved in a "TMod.dat" file · External ship convoy waypoint tables can be made and saved in a "convoys.dat" file · External formation tables can be made and saved in a "Frmation.dat" file · The friendly and enemy sides of the frontline can be set in a "CapSet.dat" file · Previously unused values in "Planes.dat" can now be utilised to set aircraft as a seaplane, for carrier landings, orfixed undercarriage.

Caution and Disclaimer ...
While most existing addon mods should be compatible with this patch, some mods e.g. Flight models, will disable some features and produce minor gameplay problems. The normal rules apply about online compatibility. We accept no liability for any damage this might do to your system. By installing this patch you accept full liability for installing this to your own computer and do so at your own risk. Having said this, it has been fully play tested with no resulting problems on our computers.