Adding a element in OAW

By RAF_Dumoulin

In this guide..I will use a plane as element to add in OAW...but the procedure is pratically the same for others elements as terrains, sounds,objects..etc.

this is your zip plane file after downloading in a temporary folder.

Already you see the slot for this skin will be the N°27 (Ju87B)


You extract the files in the same temporary folder.

The PCX files are not needed for the game and will be deleted

As well if it's a gunsight file you will want to delete also if you use a particular gunsight.

In case you play online you must by precaution..also delete the FLT file if any.


This the pic view of the plane.

For the best view in OAW description panel..this pic must have the dimension of 400 x 300 pixels.You will eventually made later a capture in game and replace the original..as generaly they are not compliant with the OAW requirement.


This is the readme of the plane

You will rename it as contents.txt so he will appear in the OAW description pane.



Now..you go in the skinfolder (subfolder of OAW folder).

You create a new folder and name it as show in the picture (I mean..you use the same coding..as it's the standard of OAW and make easiest for manage great number of skins)



Now..you copy and paste all your plane files in the new plane folder.



That's the result you will see in your OAW description pane when you select your new added plane.