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Please note 25 March 2017 - Sandbagger's EAW Tally-Ho is now located at:
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Coder Group EAW latest current game available updated July 2016


The best EAW online games are at GameRanger:
Teamspeak 3 channel:

LATEST NEWS (Archives)

(March 2010)
Finnish Air War for EAW 1.28d released!
see the SimHQ EAW Forum
and vonOben's Flight Sim Mods

(December 2009)
EAW 1.28d 1024 released:
see the SimHQ EAW Forum

(November 2009):
EAW 1.28C released

Campaign NEWS (11/2009)
SPAW (South Pacific Air War) Released


EAW and OAW Guides

EAW 7217 error explained and solutions

EAW Modding Notes

Shoot To Kill from MarkShot

OAW Magic Numbers
OAW Autoscripts

Easy-to-Use EAW file manager

**EAW 1.28 Hints and tips**

Every EAW Link Under the Sun!

Wiki Mall (Downloads links)
**Aviation books,magazines..etc...**
**Problems,graphics,discussions about EAW**
**EAW Patch 1.28**
**OAW Unified V1.01**

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