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See the other 7217 post for more information.

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By Kay "Huntress"
(Edited 6 February 2007 RAF_Dumoulin)
Install EAW using the full install option. Immediately run Sydbod's v.1.26e patch file, available from here . All of Mr. Jelly's fixed files do depend upon people running Sydbod's patch and updating the sim to v.1.26e.

Download Mr. Jelly's Error 7217 fixed executable package from here . Also download this file , which is a patch file for Mr. Jelly's original JIM files, just in case he has not repaired the original downloaded files.

OK, so if you run OAW, he has packed these files in an OAW-ready state, so you can install OAW, then extract the Mr. Jelly files and put them into OAW. If you do not run OAW, then you will extract the files and copy all files into your EAW install--this will include all files contained within folders; EAW can only make use of the files, not files within folders. When you perform the extraction, you will have two folders and 4 files. Copy all the files from within the folders to your EAW install as well as the four loose files.

The cost here is that, due to the way EAW was originally coded, your configuration screens will be difficult to read. There are some screen captures in a set of files at GunsUp's Addons at Sandbagger's Community page here which will show you the actual configuration screens to help with translation, if needed. Do, however, read Mr. Jelly's instructions which are contained in an instruction file in his download.

This thread describes this fix; this post discusses using the fix without running OAW. Please read the full thread as the patch for Mr. Jelly's JIM is discussed, as well.

If this particular fix does not run well for you, there is an older one which most definitely does run for people, but the map screen and main screen aren't included. That is available from here . Again, extract the files from the zip file and copy all files into your EAW directory. Again, all files contained in folders need to be copied into your EAW directory.

(submitted by Wudpecker 10-12-06 )